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Due to the numerous attacks on our website I had to temporary close contact form.

You can still contact SWARL via our main group at or (available only via email) or Facebook group 

The second Short Listening Period contest of 2021 was held in the weekend of 6 and 7 March. SWL Alex Gorbunov US-Q-73 from Ukraine was the winner with a score of 3267. Second placed was Aleksandr Boyko US-Q-2115 scoring 2210 and third became the German SWL Helmut Grund DE2HUG with 1794 points. The complete result table is available on the website of the VERON SWL section:

The 28MHz SWL Contest was held in the weekend of 12 and 13 December 2020.

The winner in the CW section was the Czech SWL Roman Kirch OK1-31457 and in the Phone section Kees Schout NL294 from The Netherlands.

The complete result tables are available on:

The winner of the first Short Listening Period (SLP) contest 2021 is Alex Gorbunov with a score of 6832. Second placed is  François Conraux F-80248 scoring 4465 points and Joop van der Does NL645 became third with 3465 points.

The complete result list is available on: . There you also will find other information about the SWL contests sponsored by the VERON.

Good luck & 73.

The winner of this year's New Year contest is Anton Mandos ONL908 with a score of 308. Second placed is Joop van der Does NL645 scoring 156 points, just before Johan Heus NL9723 with a score of 154.

The complete result table is available on: . There you also will find the rules and results of the other SWL contests organized by the SWL section of the VERON.

The first Short Listening Period Contest for SWLs of 2021 is in the weekend of 30 and 31 January. 

The SLP contest weekends in 2021 are:

1. 30-31 January

2. 6-7 March

3. 27-28 March

4. 1-2 May

5. 10-11 July

6. 11-12 September

7. 9-10 October

8. 30-31 October

These SWL contests are sponsored by the SWL section of the VERON.

In 2021 the New Year SWL Contest, organized by the VERON, is on Sunday 3 January 2021. This is an easy contest, so suited for beginners in SWL contesting. It is a phone contest on the 80m and 40m bands. All you have to do is to log QSO's of Amateur Radio stations and send your log to the adjucator: .

The complete rules of this contest are available on:

The Christmas Hope QSO Party for SWL consists of a series of short (90 minutes) contests during weekdays in the period 21 December 2020 till 14 January 2021. The CHQP are scheduled on the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the period mentioned above. This is done alternately in the modes: CW, SSB, RTTY and FT4. You are free to chose in which mode you will participate, if you like 1, 2, 3 or all modes, all is possible. The rules are quite simple: one point for each qso logged and no multipliers.

The 28MHz SWL Contest will be in the second full weekend of December, so this year on 12 and 13 December. This is the same weekend of the ARRL 10Meter Contest.

For the rules you may visit the website of the VERON, SWL section: .

Wishing you lots of success in this and other contests!

73, Ruud Ivens, NL290, SWL Contest Manager VERON.

The winner of this year's 8th Short Listening Period Contest in the weekend of 24 and 25 October is Kees Schout NL294 again with a score of 22275. Gennadiy Drozdov UA3182SWL became second with 14196 points and the third place was for Francois Conraux F-80248 scoring 12717. The complete result table, the final ranking in the SLP competition 2020 and the rules are available on: