425 DX News #1473

27 July 2019 A.R.I. DX Bulletin
No 1473

*** 4 2 5 D X N E W S ***
Edited by I1JQJ & IK1ADH
Direttore Responsabile I2VGW

3D2 - Dom, 3Z9DX is back to Fiji, and has received the callsign 3D2DOM.
He plans to "be active from some of the 3D2 islands" during his
stay, including participation in the IOTA Contest from either the
Mamanuca Islands (OC-121) or the Yasawa Islands (OC-156).
4L - Darek, SP9DLM will be active as 4L/SP9DLM from Kobuleti, Georgia on
4-16 August. He will be QRV on 40, 20, 15 and 10 metres. QSL via
LoTW, eQSL, or via SP9DLM (direct or bureau).
5R - Giovanni, IZ2DPX will be active as 5R8PX from Nosy Be (AF-057) on
3-17 August. He will operate SSBand digital modes on the HF bands.
QSL via IK2DUW (direct) and LoTW; the log will be uploaded to Club
7X - 7X2RO, 7X5QB, 7X2WB and DL8CX will be active as 7V9A from Sridjina
Island (AF-104) on 25-29 July, IOTA Contest included. QSL direct to
Ben Lagha, 18 rue Louis Aragon, 26200 Montelimar, France. [TNX DX
8Q - Sugi, JI3KDH will be active as 8Q7SU from the Maldives (AS-013)
from 31 July to 7 August. He will operate CW on 20, 17, 15, 12 and
10 metres. QSL via LotW and eQSL only.
9A - 9A3DF, 9A3ST, 9A4WY, 9A5M, 9A5YY and 9A6AA will be active from
Susac Island (EU-016) on 24-31 July. They will participate in the
IOTA Contest as 9A2L (QSL via 9A3DF). Before and after the contest
they will be QRV as 9A1WFF/p and under their home calls. [TNX DX
CE - CB70E, CB70K, CB70O and CB70Y are the special callsigns for the
Discolo DX Group and the Radio Club Santa Maria de Los Angeles
(CE5BYU) to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Condorito, a Chilean
cartoon character very popular throughout Latin America. Activity
will be on 1-31 August. All QSOs will be confirmed automatically
via the bureau. Direct cards should be sent to Grupo Discolo DX,
Casilla 422, 4449401 Los Angeles, Chile. A certificate will be
available, see http://discolodxgroup.cl/ for information.
CT9 - Henning, CT9ABR (OZ2I) will be active as CR3EE from Madeira
(AF-014) on 8-12 August, especially during the CW leg of the Worked
All Europe DX Contest (10-11 August). QSL via OZ2I and LoTW.
G - Celebrating the British Amateur Radio Teledata Group's (BARTG) 60th
anniversary, special callsign GB60ATG will be used from the various
DXCC Entities in the United Kingdom between 1 July 2019 and 30 June
2020. QSL via M0OXO. Complete information on the event and the
BARTG Diamond Jubilee Award can be found on http://bartg.org.uk/.
HC - Rick, NE8Z will be active again as HC1MD/2 from the lighthouse at
Capay on Hill, in the Santa Elena province of Ecuador, from 27 July
to 6 August. He will operate CW and SSB on 40, 39, 20 and 17m. QSL
via LoTW, or direct to K8LJG.
HC - Joe, IZ1HGP will be active as HC2/IZ1HGP from Isidro Ayora, in the
Guayas province of Ecuador, from 1 August to 1 September. QSL via
LoTW, or via home call.
HK - 5K2M is the special callsign issued for the 27-28 July operation
from El Morro Grande (SA-082) [425DXN 1471]. Thierry, HK2SM and
others will operate SSB on 80-10m. QSL via operator's instructions.
HP - Commemorating the 500th anniversary of Panama City, the Radio Club
de Panama will be active as HO1D during the month of August. QSL
direct to HP1RCP.
OA - Nacho, EA7TN (SU9JG) will be leaving Egypt by the end of August. In
late September he will relocate to Lima, Peru, where he plans to
stay for five years and be active as OA4/EA7TN on all the HF bands
and 6 metres. QSL via LoTW and EA5GL. [TNX The Daily DX]
OH - OH1MA, OH2BH, OH2GEK, OH2MM, OH8NC, OH9RJ, OH9VC and SM0CXU will be
active as OJ9A from Inakari (EU-192) and as OH9A from Selkasarvi
(EU-126) on 24-29 July, IOTA Contest included [425DXN 1469]. The
operators will split into two groups and commute between the
islands, which are only six miles apart. "The Finnish Regulatory
Authority (Traficom) has supported amateur radio and the DXCC
program for 50 years by allocating OJ0 for Market Reef and more
recently OJ9 for Inakari Island and the IOTA programme", OH2BH
says. "To salute Traficom for first OJ9 activation those QSOs with
OJ9A will also count for the Market Reef jubilee marathon currently
underway". QSL OJ9A via OH2BH; QSL OH9A via OH1NOA.
OH0 - Bert DK3BK, Cornelia DK3CKM and Uwe DO5JD will be active as OH0UDG
from the Aland Islands (EU-002) on 3-16 August. They will operate
CW, SSB and digital modes on 80-10 metres. QSL via M0OXO's OQRS and
LoTW. [TNX The Daily DX]
OJ0 - Look for Dietmar, DL3DXX and others to be active as OJ0DX from
Market Reef (EU-053) [425DXN 1470] between 27 July and 2 August,
with a focus first on the IOTA Contest and then on 6 metres (CW and
SSB). QSL via DL3DXX; OQRS on Club Log.
OK - A multi-national team of YL operators (DK2YL, F4GDI, HB9EPE,
OK1LYL and OK2APY) will be active as OL88YL from the OK5Z contest
station near Brno, Czech Republic on 2-8 August. QSL via HB9FPM.
PY - PU5IKE will be running QRP from Remedios Island (SA-027) on 27-28
July. Outside the IOTA Contest he will operate FT8 on 80, 15 and 10
metres. QSL via home call. [TNX NG3K]
UA - R3GM, RA1QQ, RT9T and RX3QAK will be active from Malyy Island
(EU-162) on 26-30 July, including participation in the IOTA Contest
as RT5G/1. QSL via RA1QQ. [TNX NG3K]
UA9 - Look for Victor, RW0IM/p and Yuri, R0MZ/p (ex RW0IW) to be active
from Nedorazumeniya Island (AS-059) for three days starting on 26
July, IOTA Contest included. A reconnaissance trip/brief operation
occurred for a few hours on 21 July. [TNX qrz.ru]
VK - Steve, VK3TTT will spend "a few nights" on Magnetic Island (OC-171)
around 7 August. He hopes to be QRV as VK3TTT/4 and to operate
mainly FT8, with some SSB and maybe some slow CW, on 40 and 20
metres with 100 watts and a focus on Europe and the US East Coast.
The log will be uploaded to Club Log and LoTW. [TNX VK3TTT]
VP9 - Josh, W9HT will be active as W9HT/VP9 from Bermuda (NA-005) on 1-6
August. He will be QRV on the HF bands and 6 metres. QSL direct to
home call.
W - Brian, K4BRI will be active as K4BRI/p from Bald Head Island
(NA-112) on 30-31 July. He will be QRV mainly on 20 metres SSB and
CW. [TNX DX World]
W - The Old Barney Amateur Radio Club will be active as W2T from the
Tucker's Island Lighthouse in the Tuckerton Seaport (mainland New
Jersey) on 3 August, from about 13 UTC to 21 UTC. They will operate
SSB and some CW and FT8 on 40 and 20m. QSL VIA N2OO. [TNX N2OO]

IOTA TOUR ---> Waldi, SP7IDX will be active as OZ/SP7IDX from Bornholm
Island (EU-030), OZ/SP7IDX from Falster Island (EU-029) and SP7IDX/1 from
Wolin Island (EU-132) between 1 and 12 August. He will operate SSB and FT8
on 40-10 metres. QSL via LoTW or direct, log search on Club Log. [TNX DX

RSGB IOTA CONTEST ---> The following stations have announced their
participation in this year's event (from 12 UTC on 27 July through 12 UTC on
the 28th) from qualifying islands. For lastest additions please give a look
at the announced operation list maintained by Bill, NG3K:
Complete details on the IOTA Contest can be found on the RSGB Contest
Committee's website: https://www.rsgbcc.org/hf/rules/2019/riota.shtml

Ref.No. Call/Ops Island QSL VIA
AF-016 FR4QT Reunion FR4QT
AF-018 IH9YMC Pantelleria eQSL
AF-104 7V9A Sridjina qrz.com
AS-008 JI3DST/1 Shikine Club Log
AS-040 JA6WJL Fukue JA6WJL
AS-059 R0MZ/p Nedorazumeniya
AS-059 RW0IM/p Nedorazumeniya
AS-066 R66IOTA Popov UA0LCZ
AS-113 BO0M Matsu BV2KI
AS-136 BG4TRN Chongming BG4TRN
AS-150 BI4IX Zhucha BH4LLP
EU-002 OH0V Aland OH0V
EU-004 EA6VQ Mallorca Club Log
EU-005 G4F Great Britain G4AFJ
EU-008 GM2T Tiree GM4UYZ
EU-008 GM7WCO/p Skye GM7WCO
EU-008 GS6NX Gigha
EU-010 GM7V Benbecula N3SL
EU-011 M8C Scilly Club Log
EU-013 MJ0ICD Jersey OK1DOL
EU-015 SV9/SV2CLJ Crete SV2CLJ
EU-016 9A2L Susac 9A3DF
EU-016 9A3VIS Vis 9A3VIS
EU-021 TF/DL6MHW Iceland DL6MHW
EU-023 9H6YB Malta G3SWH
EU-024 IS0/F8BDQ Sardinia F8BDQ
EU-024 IS0/IK1TTD Sardinia IK1TTD
EU-024 IS0/OM2TW Sardinia OM2FY
EU-024 IS0/UX1UF Sardinia UX1UF
EU-025 IT9RZU Sicily Club Log
EU-026 JW/ON7SA Svalbard ON6FDP
EU-028 IA5/OM2FY Elba OM2FY
EU-028 IA5/OM2ZZ Elba OM2FY
EU-029 OZ7A Sjaelland LoTW
EU-029 OZ8SW Sjaelland OZ8SW
EU-030 OZ4FF Bornholm OZ4FF
EU-031 IC8SQS Ischia IC8SQS
EU-034 ES0DJ/0 Muhu ES2DJ
EU-034 ES0IA Kassaar ES0IA
EU-038 PA6TXL Texel PA2JJB
EU-038 PH38EU Texel PA2TMS
EU-041 IM0/IU4HRJ Maddalena IU4HRJ
EU-042 DG5LAC/p Hooge DG5LAC
EU-047 DB1BAC/p Wangerooge DB1BAC
EU-050 IL7MP San Domino M0OXO
EU-052 SV8/OM6NM Zakynthos OM2FY
EU-053 OJ0DX Market Reef DL3DXX
EU-054 IF9/IT9PPG Favignana IT9PPG
EU-055 LB5WB Store Sotra LB5WB
EU-055 LM450C Utsira LA4C
EU-056 LA/OL7X Flemsoya OK1XC
EU-057 DK3R Ruegen DL1KZA
EU-057 DL/OO4O Ruegen ON4APU
EU-068 TM5S Sein F5MFV
EU-075 J48J Aegina SV1PMQ
EU-075 SV8GGI Salamina SV8GGI
EU-080 ED1K Ons EA1NK
EU-083 IP1T Tino I1ANP
EU-084 SK0HS/0 Blido SM0MPV
EU-088 5P6G Laeso DD5ZZ
EU-091 II7P Pedagna Grande IK7LMX
EU-095 TM5F Ratonneau
EU-096 OH9W/1 Berghamn OH5BQ
EU-107 TM7P Petite F4FET
EU-116 MD1K Isle of Man M1KTA
EU-117 RA1ZZ/p Vikhrevoy RA1ZZ
EU-120 G4ALE/p Isle of Wight G3VYI
EU-120 M/ON6QR Wight ON6QR
EU-121 EJ3Z Inishbofin EI6GUB
EU-121 EJ6KP Arranmore Club Log
EU-122 MN5A Rathlin G3TXF
EU-123 MM1E Great Cumbrae MM0GOR
EU-123 MM3T Bute GM0ELP
EU-124 MW0DHF/p Holy MW0DHF
EU-124 MW0TSL/p Caldey
EU-125 OZ7BQ/p Fano Club Log
EU-126 OH9A Selkasarvi OH1NOA
EU-127 DJ6OI/p Neuwerk DJ6OI
EU-129 DK1A Usedom Club Log
EU-129 DL5KVV/p Usedom DL5KVV
EU-130 II3Y S. Maria di Barbana IV3OSC
EU-130 IV3UHL/p S. Andrea IV3UHL
EU-131 IL3/DF8DX Lido DF8DX
EU-131 IQ3ME/p Pellestrina LoTW
EU-132 SN0RX Wolin SP8BXL
EU-132 SP0DF Wolin SP1EG
EU-132 SP3A Wolin SP3A
EU-132 SQ6NEJ/1 Wolin SQ6NEJ
EU-136 9A4KJ Rab 9A4KJ
EU-136 9A8CV Krk
EU-140 OG5A Nuokot OH5AD
EU-140 OH5TS Kuorsalo OH5TS
EU-145 CR5CW Culatra CT7ACG
EU-146 PA/ON4IBM Schouwen-Duiveland ON4IBM
EU-146 PA146EU Schouwen-Duiveland PB0P
EU-146 PA5TT Schouwen-Duiveland PA5TT
EU-150 CR5IC Insua CS5ARAM
EU-162 RT5G/1 Malyy RA1QQ
EU-170 9A/S55G/p Iz S55G
EU-172 5P2I/p Aro OZ2I
EU-172 OZ/DL2JRM Hjarno DL2JRM
EU-172 OZ/DL5CW Hjarno DL5CW
EU-172 OZ9V/p Samso LoTW
EU-174 SV8/YO3FCA Thassos M0IPU
EU-174 SW8YA Thassos HA1YA
EU-178 ES8/YL2TD Sorgu YL2TD
EU-179 UR1G Kalanchakskiye UR8GX
EU-181 LZ0I Sveti Ivan LZ1BJ
EU-185 RU6DX/p Sudzhuk RU6DX
EU-192 OJ9A Inakari OH2BH
NA-029 VY2TT Prince Edward
NA-031 W1WBB Aquidneck W1WBB
NA-036 VE7JH Vancouver VE7JH
NA-038 VX2A11 Grosse VE2STN
NA-055 W2IY Mt. Desert W2IY
NA-058 N4XU St Simons N4XU
NA-065 N3QQ/p Whidbey
NA-065 NW7M/p Whidbey
NA-067 W4/SM6WET/p Hatteras SM6WET
NA-067 W4MY Roanoke W4MY
NA-091 VE7ACN/7 Bowen VE7ACN
NA-110 AA4V Palms AA4V
NA-110 WA2BCK Hilton Head WA2BCK
NA-126 VB1D Bon Portage VA1YL
NA-137 K1IMI Bailey N4CW
NA-139 W3FOX/m Assateague W3FOX
NA-140 NY3A/3 Smith NY3A
NA-143 K5KUA Galveston K5KUA
OC-035 YJ0CA Efate VK2YUS
OC-035 YJ0GA Efate ZL3GA
OC-042 DX1ARC Luzon
OC-114 TX2A Raivavae LoTW/W6NV
OC-121 ? 3D2DOM Mamanuca Isls
OC-130 DX9EVM Mindanao DU9CA
OC-142 VK4NM Fraser M0OXO
OC-156 ? 3D2DOM Yasawa Isls
OC-165 9M8RC Satang Besar 9W8KIF
SA-003 PY0F Fernando de Noronha PY7RP
SA-029 ZZ1R Ratos PY2AE
SA-060 PX8R Guaras PT2GTI
SA-082 5K2M Morro Grande

The IOTA SWL Contest has been picked up by the Radioascolto SWL Club, and it
will run in parallel with the IOTA Contest. Complete details can be found at
http://www.radioascolto.org/swl/ or from the IOTA SWL Contest Manager
(iw1qla[@]tin.it). Good luck to you all!

*** 4 2 5 D X N E W S ***
**** GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
Edited by I1JQJ & IK1ADH
Direttore Responsabile I2VGW

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425 DX NEWS MAGAZINE ---> The June 2019 issue is now available for download
at http://www.425dxn.org/index.php. [TNX IZ3EBA]

5C9A ---> The 26-30 July DXpedition to Los Farallones (AF-118, new one for
IOTA) [425DXN 1449] has been cancelled. On 25 July, thirty minutes before
boarding the plane, the team got word that the expedition was not going
ahead (even though they had all permissions in place) owing to "a security
and administrative problem". The project "is postponed for 9 months", the
Team Leader (CN8QY) says. See https://5c9a.com/news/ for more information.

IOTA CONTEST: NEW RULE F OR 2019 ---> Please note that "to shorten the
exchange, for 2019 the sending of RS(T) will be optional. i.e. you do not
have to send a report as part of your exchange":
* World Stations send RS(T) [optional] + serial number starting from 1, for
example: 599 254 [or 254]
* Island Stations send RS(T) [optional] + serial number starting from 1 +
their IOTA Reference, for example: 59 378 EU115 [or 378 EU115]
* If you are not sent a report, log 59 (SSB) or 599 (CW)
* If you are not sent a serial number, log a zero

NEW CQ WW DX DIGITAL CONTEST ---> "Extending the World Wide DX Contest into
the Brave New World of Digital Communication" is a webinar that "will first
review the impetus behind creating a fourth World Wide DX Contest. The key
details of the World Wide Digi DX Contest will be described, including
frequently asked questions that have arisen". Registration is open for two
Sunday, 4 August at 18:00 UTC
Monday, 5 August at 9 PM EDT (5 August at 01:00 UTC)
Contact Mark Beckwith, N5OT at n5ot[@]arrl.net. [TNX K4ZW]

QSL OJ0C ---> The QSL route for the July 2019 OJ0C operation from Market
Reef is via OH3WS, bureau or direct to Pasi Bergman, Tuulipolku 4, FI-13500
Hameenlinna, Finland. [TNX The Daily DX]

+ SILENT KEY + Taufan "Fan" Prioutomo, YB0AI passed away on 20 July. An
active DXer and contester, he operated from several IOTA groups, including
OC-177 (7A0K 1999), OC-295 (YB0AI/7 2013), OC-273 (YB0AI/8 2014), OC-275
(YB0AI/9 2013), OC-242 (YE8A 2003). He was also the incumbent Secretary of
the YB Land DX Club.


QSLs received direct or through managers: 3D2AG, 3D2AS, 4E8T (OC-174),
4S7AB, 5A1AL, 5T5PA, 7S5A (EU-177), 9LY1JM (AF-037), A92HK, AP2NK, AP2TJ,
CE2LR, CT9/DL5AXX, DU1UD/8 (OC-105), DX1CC (OC-128), E31A, E6AF, EF4HQ,
(NA-250), KH8/OZ0J, KT7WW/KL7, OG0C, P33W, PJ2HQ, PJ2T, PJ2Y, R5AJ, S9A,
SA6G/7 (EU-137), SV2ASP/A, T88RH, TO19A (AF-016) , UK9AA, V31DL, V6K
(OC-059), VE3LYC/KL7 (NA-150), VK4/JA8COE (OC-138), VK5MAV/6 (OC-183 and
Z23MD, Z81D, ZV5O.


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